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Toothpaste Magnolia

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Protection and delicate brightening of sensitive teeth Fluoride-free

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Low-abrasive brightening toothpaste Magnolia for daily use effectively maintains cleanness of sensitive teeth. Due to natural amino acid properties in its formulation the toothpaste has extra whitening properties and easily removes staining substances from enamel surface. Magnolia rind extract protects teeth from tooth decay bacteria and foul breath, what in turn increases self‑esteem. Natural antiseptic thymol, rosemary essential oil and licorice tree extract maintain gum health. Rosemary essential oil is a natural preservative, which, combined with stevia extract, ensures prevention of oral cavity inflammations, stimulates local blood circulation and maintains healthy gums. The toothpaste protects and delicately brightens sensitive teeth enamel, effectively prevents dental plaque and tartar formation, as well as maintains fresh breath for a long time. Golden pearl powder from Venezuela coast, extracts of Nima flowers, Aloe Vera and Holy Basil leaves give the toothpaste its refined pink tint. The toothpaste is free from synthetic colours and preservatives.
Effect • Amino acid salt delicately brightens enamel and prevents dental tartar formation. • Magnolia rind extract protects teeth from tooth decay bacteria and plaque. • Thymol and rosemary essential oils maintain fresh breath for a long time.

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