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ICE-CREAM toothpaste for children

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FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS AGED 0 TO 99 YEARS OLD JUICY toothpastes perform deep restoration and strengthening of solid dental tissues, effectively protect teeth from caries and soft plaque.

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Calcium hydroxyapatite (mHAP) in nanoform penetrates deeply into damaged enamel areas and makes it stronger, acting similar to a seal, making the surface smoother and more resistant to effects of bacteria and acids. Natural patent*– protected LUCTATOL® system inhibits up to 96%** of soft dental plaque and eliminates cariogenic bacteria. Aloe Vera gel possesses moistening and antiinflammatory properties, soothes and heals gums. The toothpastes are ideally suitable for susceptible children’s enamel and extra sensitive teeth of adults. The toothpastes are recommended for use in the morning and in the evening immediately after meal.

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