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GOLD toothpaste Special

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Effective comprehensive care of smile beauty

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The first precious Gold toothpaste with colloidal gold, diamond extract and royal jelly was specially developed for smile beauty care. Natural active ingredients of the toothpaste carefully brighten, polish and strengthen enamel, protect teeth from cavity, prevent plaque formation, tone up and maintain gum health. Calcis derived from egg shells effectively strengthens enamel. Natural enzyme papain carefully dissolves pigmented dental plaque thus promoting enamel brightening. Thymol and grape seed extract protect against caries (tooth decay) and plaque formation. Natural vanilla extract decreases appetite. Highly valuable royal jelly helps to maintain local immunity of oral cavity. Diamond extract, produced by introducing diamond powder into a special solution, provides antibacterial protection. The toothpaste has got a pink champagne flavour.
Effect • Complex of papaya enzymes and delicate abrasives carefully brightens and polishes enamel. • Calcis effectively strengthens enamel and protects against tooth decay. • Red grape seed extract and royal jelly tone up and maintain gum health.

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